Have I ever told you about Al’s? Check this out!

Best way to describe it is it’s the kind of family style throw back diner that you’re parents would probably love.  The wait staff is awesome and always willing to get you whatever you want. The cheeseburger is the best bet here, and you can get it however you like.  This location has been open since 1989, but the original Al’s was a carhop in the middle of Arlington before there even was an Arlington hardly.  The burgers are flat top grilled and seasoned to taste.  This goes on my list for the Burger GPS App simply because it’s a taste of the way everyone used to eat burgers.  Paper wrapped and hot off the grill.  Nothing fancy about this burger. It’s just made with love and gives you a good feeling after you finish.  They’re not real big, but doubles are an option, or you can dress it up with some of Al’s famous chili. Overall I’d give the food and customer service experience 3  1/2 out of 5, but it’s just that place that when you see it, you have to stop by.