Hey Everyone,

I ran across this review I had done a while back but never posted it cause it just wasn’t all that good.  They are closed now and the location is now a Dickey’s BBQ… Maybe there’s a reason. I try not to bash on anyone especially because there are so many degrees of what people think is good or not, but this wasn’t the best of burgers I had ever had that’s for sure.

Really I thought you might find it interesting how it is I capture the notes on our Burger Hunt and then adapt it later to the review, so here’s the notes taken verbatim from my iPhone after we finished eating.


Christie’s Extreme Burgers – Notes 

9.99 1/2 burger fries included
5.99 1/3 Jr. Burger with regular fries
Feels like a Carrows or a former cheap steak house like Sizzler… Booths covered in sports team seat coverings.
Coffee smells throughout and it seems like we should be eating breakfast.
Pounded out burger dry and rather tasteless… It’s not disgusting it just taste like something I’d get at a place that’s not known for burgers like IHOP.
Fries were ok but they tasted like last nights shrimp fry and they don’t serve shrimp!
Bun was toasted and crispy edges from the flat top like I like but it was average at best.
Overall the experience was just below average, but the only thing extreme going on about this place was the extreme cold as they either forgot to pay the electric bill or the heater was broken.
It a converted 70’s restaurant that they’ve tried to dummy up with some track lighting and the overall feel is not that memorable.
It smells like last nights regret… Or just finished drinking all night walking into the bathroom that’s next to the bar.
Till next time everyone… keep on the hunt!