Burger Hunt – Griff’s of America: Garland

Griff’s is one of those unassuming local burger restaurants that most people would not notice. It is stand alone and looks about like it probably did when it opened. My guess is several decades ago. That is not a knock, just a fact. This is your fast food variety of burger, but it’s not fast food quality.

Be warned, if you want to dine in, they are REALLY old school by allowing smoking. I have been several times and the one time I was going to dine in, I quickly changed my mind after smelling the smoke. They did have some old school arcade machines in there, which was cool.

I typically get my usual – bacon cheeseburger, fries, and drink. That costs in the $6 range, around what one would pay at Whataburger. If you’re expecting something fancy, this is not the place. The burger itself is well done, but not dry. The bacon is nice and crisp and the fries are good enough to eat all of them. Definitely give this place a try if you’re in the area. They also have a drive-thru for those that are in a hurry. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, considering it’s a fast food and not a gourmet burger. There is some great value for the money.

~ Sean Martin
Burger Hunt Corespondent
Dallas, TX

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