I saw the Kobe Burger on the menu while dining at Champps in Addison last month. I had to try it! For those that have not been to Champps, they are a grill/sports bar type atmosphere. Pricing is a bit higher than say your average Chili’s, but not too bad. The food is generally pretty solid.

The Kobe burger came with cheddar cheese and was just under $12 for the just burger. I know, a bit pricey. Bonus: work paid for it. I wish I had a comparison against their normal burger, but this thing was very good. It was nice and juicy and everything on it was of good quality. There was not a lot of seasoning, as I guess they wanted the meat to stand on its own. I can’t say that it’s the best burger I’ve had. Heck, I’d probably be happier with a cheaper burger from Maple and Motor. Being a few weeks back, I do not remember a lot about the fries. For just the burger, I would rate this at 3.5 stars. If you’re there, give this a try.

~ Sean Martin
Burger Hunt Corespondent
Dallas, TX