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There is a lot of thought that goes into making a successful blog/website etc., however; it takes real people and true friends that care about what you do and have the same passion that you do.

I’m lucky as I have reconnected over the last couple of years with a friend of mine from high school named Sean Martin.


He and I try to get together when we can and enjoy a good burger.  While we have known each other since 7th grade, we have only recently reconnected and become closer.  I’m posting this because the fun and enjoyment that I get from maintaining this site is due to the people I get to hang out with and have a common bond with.

The first and primary burger hunter in my life, is my wife Nicole, as she went on the first journey with me, helped me formulate the name and ultimately loves burgers as much as I do; however throughout the last few years Sean and I have had a similar bond and I just wanted to say, “Thank you!”

Here’s to 2014 and a lot more fun and good food to keep us busy blogging about burgers!


Burger Hunt: Christie’s Extreme Burgers – CLOSED?


Hey Everyone,

I ran across this review I had done a while back but never posted it cause it just wasn’t all that good.  They are closed now and the location is now a Dickey’s BBQ… Maybe there’s a reason. I try not to bash on anyone especially because there are so many degrees of what people think is good or not, but this wasn’t the best of burgers I had ever had that’s for sure.

Really I thought you might find it interesting how it is I capture the notes on our Burger Hunt and then adapt it later to the review, so here’s the notes taken verbatim from my iPhone after we finished eating.


Christie’s Extreme Burgers – Notes 

9.99 1/2 burger fries included
5.99 1/3 Jr. Burger with regular fries
Feels like a Carrows or a former cheap steak house like Sizzler… Booths covered in sports team seat coverings.
Coffee smells throughout and it seems like we should be eating breakfast.
Pounded out burger dry and rather tasteless… It’s not disgusting it just taste like something I’d get at a place that’s not known for burgers like IHOP.
Fries were ok but they tasted like last nights shrimp fry and they don’t serve shrimp!
Bun was toasted and crispy edges from the flat top like I like but it was average at best.
Overall the experience was just below average, but the only thing extreme going on about this place was the extreme cold as they either forgot to pay the electric bill or the heater was broken.
It a converted 70’s restaurant that they’ve tried to dummy up with some track lighting and the overall feel is not that memorable.
It smells like last nights regret… Or just finished drinking all night walking into the bathroom that’s next to the bar.
Till next time everyone… keep on the hunt!

Burger Hunt: 2012 Year In Review!


The Year In Review! Burger Hunt’s choices for top picks in 2012! This is based off the reviews we completed last year, and there are plenty more to come for 2013, so if we missed your favorite, let us know and we’ll check it out soon!

1. Maple & Motor – Dallas, TX
2. Fred’s Texas Cafe – Fort Worth, TX
3. Bottlecap Alley – Grapevine, TX
4. Kincaid’s – Southlake, TX
5. Peace Burger – Grapevine, TX
6. Off Site Kitchen – Dallas, TX
7. Shaw’s Burgers – Fort Worth, TX
8. Chop House Burgers, Arlington, TX
9. Dutch’s – Fort Worth, TX
10. Twisted Root – Deep Ellum (Dallas), TX

Alternates too hard to pick but certainly worth a mention and a must try…

– The Grease Monkey – Arlington, TX
– Mr. B’s Burger Palace, Pantego, TX
– Tom’s Burgers – Arlington, TX
– Snuffer’s – Dallas, TX

The Burger Bucket List! As Seen on TV!


While we focus on burgers in North Texas and surrounding areas, we all know that there are fantastic tasting burgers all over America.  Recently watching the documentary “United States of Burger” on Destination America, Burger Hunt has decided to report the “Burger Bucket List,” and we agree that these are some fine choices for ultimate burgers in America that everyone needs to try at least once.

For more information on Destination America (Formally Discovery Planet Green) and “United States of Burger,” check out: but if you have Time Warner Cable in North Texas, it’s Channel 760

So… what’s the “Bucket List of Burgers,” already!
  • Louie’s Lunch – Home of the Original Hamburger: New Haven, CT
  • Billy Goat Tavern – Home of the Billy Goat Curse of the Cubs and the Cheeseburger Cheeseburger: Chicago, IL
  • Mr. Bartley’s – Harvard Square in Boston, MA
  • The Old Homestead Steak House – Home of the 20 oz. Kobe Burger: NY, NY
  • Dyer’s – Home of the “Grease Dipped” Burger: Memphis, TN
  • Holman & Finch Public House- Only serve 24 “Double Patty Burgers” a day: Atlanta, GA

What burgers would you put on your “Bucket List?”

September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day!


The Palm Dallas celebrates National Cheeseburger Day all week long with a killer lunch special!

The Palm Dallas Cheeseburger

Best Cities For Burgers??? Where’s Dallas/Fort Worth At???


Well of course I will respectfully disagree since Dallas isn’t listed, but whatever…

Check this out!

Burger Hunt: Liberty Burger – Dallas, TX


Liberty Burger is a place that opened last November at Forest Ln and Inwood. I don’t get by that corner frequently, so I just noticed it this week. It was receiving high praise on Yelp, so I decided it needed a visit. I talked a couple of my co-workers into joining me and they were glad they did.
Walking in the place, we were greeted by friendly staff that asked if we had been there before. Being open about being newbies, they told us how things worked and gave us a table number. The decor had an almost ’60s feel combined with a modern flare. I liked it. The way it works is fast casual, much like a Pei Wei. I had decided what I wanted before hand via the gorgeous website. I was sticking with the Liberty Burger and adding Applewood Bacon and Cheddar cheese. The menu is all on vertical digital menu boards and they have a wide variety of unusual toppings on their burgers. Even more so than many burger restaurants I have tried. One of my co-workers ordered the chicken fried burger. That is where they take a burger patty and fry it in a chicken fried steak type breading. There is also the choice of pink or no pink on your burger. I went with some pink. I also ordered the sweet potato fries, though it was a tough call between that and the fat onion rings. $14 out the door for me, which is pricey for a work lunch. It would have been cheaper with just the regular fries. They had Bison meat available for $4 extra. I really like Bison, but not $4 more like it. They also have a variety of adult beverages and concoctions available, but we did not partake on this work day.

In addition to the usual sodas, they have iced tea and sweet tea. I went with the regular iced tea after sugaring up on donuts in the morning. We sat down and got our food after 5 minutes or so, which was about right.

Our food came out and was impeccably displayed on nice plates. The fries were served in cool metal containers. You know how a lot of places have these great pictures of pretty food, but it looks like it fell off a truck when you get it? That was not the case here, as somebody obviously took care in choosing the ingredients, cooking the food, and putting it together. It looked just as good as in the photos.

I cut my burger in half and the meat was cooked perfectly with a line of pink across the width of the patty. The toppings were fresh, and the very soft bun was great. The patty was a good size, but not massive. I would call it just right. The flavor was excellent and it was a eye closing good with every bite. I enjoyed the sweet potato fries, which had just a hint of cinnamon to them. I tried the regular fries, which are of the skinny variety. My co-worker loved his chicken fried burger. That is not my favorite style, but they were cooked perfectly. I will definitely be trying the onion rings next time, and I may venture out into some of the wilder varieties. In case you have not guessed it, I would definitely go back and recommend everybody check it out. FYI, they are reportedly opening a location at Keller Springs and Tollway in the old Snookies location.


Sean Martin

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