What’s your rating system?

We are never going to purposely shame or degrade a restaurant, bar or other venue for not having a tasty burger, but in order to give an accurate description of how we felt about it (after all it is a burger review site), we felt the following sums up our experience without forcing a rating down your throat.

The hunt is over… this is ONE!
I’ll go out of my way for this!
I’d go back.
If in the neighborhood I might go back.
Meh – probably wouldn’t go back.
I’m never going back.

What kind of burgers do you review primarily?

We will try any burger, however we primarily stick to non-chain based restaurants, bars and other venues. We’ll even review your home made burger if you want!

What region do you cover?

Our team of expert burger hunters are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and cover all of North Texas, however we will post reviews of our favorite burgers anywhere we have been to try one!