The Burger Bucket List! As Seen on TV!


While we focus on burgers in North Texas and surrounding areas, we all know that there are fantastic tasting burgers all over America.  Recently watching the documentary “United States of Burger” on Destination America, Burger Hunt has decided to report the “Burger Bucket List,” and we agree that these are some fine choices for ultimate burgers in America that everyone needs to try at least once.

For more information on Destination America (Formally Discovery Planet Green) and “United States of Burger,” check out: but if you have Time Warner Cable in North Texas, it’s Channel 760

So… what’s the “Bucket List of Burgers,” already!
  • Louie’s Lunch – Home of the Original Hamburger: New Haven, CT
  • Billy Goat Tavern – Home of the Billy Goat Curse of the Cubs and the Cheeseburger Cheeseburger: Chicago, IL
  • Mr. Bartley’s – Harvard Square in Boston, MA
  • The Old Homestead Steak House – Home of the 20 oz. Kobe Burger: NY, NY
  • Dyer’s – Home of the “Grease Dipped” Burger: Memphis, TN
  • Holman & Finch Public House- Only serve 24 “Double Patty Burgers” a day: Atlanta, GA

What burgers would you put on your “Bucket List?”

Burger Hunt: Al’s Hamburgers, Arlington, TX


Have I ever told you about Al’s? Check this out!

Best way to describe it is it’s the kind of family style throw back diner that you’re parents would probably love.  The wait staff is awesome and always willing to get you whatever you want. The cheeseburger is the best bet here, and you can get it however you like.  This location has been open since 1989, but the original Al’s was a carhop in the middle of Arlington before there even was an Arlington hardly.  The burgers are flat top grilled and seasoned to taste.  This goes on my list for the Burger GPS App simply because it’s a taste of the way everyone used to eat burgers.  Paper wrapped and hot off the grill.  Nothing fancy about this burger. It’s just made with love and gives you a good feeling after you finish.  They’re not real big, but doubles are an option, or you can dress it up with some of Al’s famous chili. Overall I’d give the food and customer service experience 3  1/2 out of 5, but it’s just that place that when you see it, you have to stop by.

September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day!


The Palm Dallas celebrates National Cheeseburger Day all week long with a killer lunch special!

The Palm Dallas Cheeseburger

Best Cities For Burgers??? Where’s Dallas/Fort Worth At???


Well of course I will respectfully disagree since Dallas isn’t listed, but whatever…

Check this out!

Burger Hunt: Liberty Burger – Dallas, TX


Liberty Burger is a place that opened last November at Forest Ln and Inwood. I don’t get by that corner frequently, so I just noticed it this week. It was receiving high praise on Yelp, so I decided it needed a visit. I talked a couple of my co-workers into joining me and they were glad they did.
Walking in the place, we were greeted by friendly staff that asked if we had been there before. Being open about being newbies, they told us how things worked and gave us a table number. The decor had an almost ’60s feel combined with a modern flare. I liked it. The way it works is fast casual, much like a Pei Wei. I had decided what I wanted before hand via the gorgeous website. I was sticking with the Liberty Burger and adding Applewood Bacon and Cheddar cheese. The menu is all on vertical digital menu boards and they have a wide variety of unusual toppings on their burgers. Even more so than many burger restaurants I have tried. One of my co-workers ordered the chicken fried burger. That is where they take a burger patty and fry it in a chicken fried steak type breading. There is also the choice of pink or no pink on your burger. I went with some pink. I also ordered the sweet potato fries, though it was a tough call between that and the fat onion rings. $14 out the door for me, which is pricey for a work lunch. It would have been cheaper with just the regular fries. They had Bison meat available for $4 extra. I really like Bison, but not $4 more like it. They also have a variety of adult beverages and concoctions available, but we did not partake on this work day.

In addition to the usual sodas, they have iced tea and sweet tea. I went with the regular iced tea after sugaring up on donuts in the morning. We sat down and got our food after 5 minutes or so, which was about right.

Our food came out and was impeccably displayed on nice plates. The fries were served in cool metal containers. You know how a lot of places have these great pictures of pretty food, but it looks like it fell off a truck when you get it? That was not the case here, as somebody obviously took care in choosing the ingredients, cooking the food, and putting it together. It looked just as good as in the photos.

I cut my burger in half and the meat was cooked perfectly with a line of pink across the width of the patty. The toppings were fresh, and the very soft bun was great. The patty was a good size, but not massive. I would call it just right. The flavor was excellent and it was a eye closing good with every bite. I enjoyed the sweet potato fries, which had just a hint of cinnamon to them. I tried the regular fries, which are of the skinny variety. My co-worker loved his chicken fried burger. That is not my favorite style, but they were cooked perfectly. I will definitely be trying the onion rings next time, and I may venture out into some of the wilder varieties. In case you have not guessed it, I would definitely go back and recommend everybody check it out. FYI, they are reportedly opening a location at Keller Springs and Tollway in the old Snookies location.


Sean Martin

Burger Hunter & EBT for Hamburger America

Burger Hunt: Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill – Grapevine, TX


The following review is a short synopsis of this Burger Hunt for Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill provided for the latest release of Hamburger America’s, “Burger GPS” App available now in the App Store or on iTunes! A brand new update featuring Burger Hunt as an EBT (Expert Burger Taster) will be coming soon! For more information on this App check out










Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill – Serves up a fresh, juicy, flattop grilled ¼ lb. patty, which is actually large for it’s size if that makes any sense at all.  The bread is a sourdough like bun (artisan style).  I got mine with crispy bacon, grilled jalapeños and cheese and it’s near perfect.  Only issue is that I’m not a big fan of foil wrapped burgers, because if you let them sit too long they will get soggy, but this isn’t an issue as long as you eat it there and not get it to go.  Don’t get pickles unless you like bread and butter style, as it’s the only option.  Price is very reasonable as we got fries and onion rings, 2 burgers, 2 drinks for about $21.00.  The fries are fantastic too!  They are hand cut, which usually are soggy, but these were crispy, hot blanched and double fried which is the secret according to the GM. Onion rings are those typical beer battered Brew City frozen kind, and are not bad tasting just not spectacular.  They have a nice sports bar atmosphere, lots of beer choices, and everything is go to the bar or counter to order. Have your menu filled out (at least the first time).  It’s a little off putting for first time guests, but it would speed things up in rush hour.  On a side note for women, my wife said bathrooms are clean and they have a ledge in stall to put your purse.  Our experience would rate this burger joint a 4 out of 5.










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Burger Hunt: Twisted Root Burger Co. – Dallas, TX


The following review is a short synopsis of this Burger Hunt for Twisted Root Burger Co. provided for the latest release of Hamburger America’s, “Burger GPS” App available now in the App Store or on iTunes! A brand new update featuring Burger Hunt as an EBT (Expert Burger Taster) will be coming soon! For more information on this App check out














Twisted Root Burger Co. has six or seven different types of meat choices, several dozen different burger toppings, and a three or four different buns make the burger options limitless and delicious. My favorite is the Western which has bacon, onion strings and jalapenos! 3 culinary chef’s with a quest to make the perfect burger. They are pretty close. Juicy, seasoned well flat top burgers with all the fixin’s… yup I said fixin’s. 4 out of 5 experience for sure!

Again this is a quick hit review of one of my favorite burger joints in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Not all are built the same… the original location in Deep Ellum is still the best!












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Burger Hunt – Off Site Kitchen (OSK): Dallas, TX


This burger hunt has led us to a little place (literally) that has been listed as one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s Top Ten Burger Joints. That’s a pretty bold statement, so it was our mission to check out this place out more thoroughly.













Before I get into the specifics, let me just say… this is a pretty tasty burger  I’ll also say it’s worth the trip, but there’s a few things you need to know before you attempt a trip to Big D for this burger.

  1. Crappy parking: There are about 10 spots available and everywhere around, unless you risk getting towed, is just as bad or your dodging traffic parking a ¼ mile away.
  2. Limited seating: There is a small bar to the right of the counter with about 6-8 spots to sit inside, otherwise you’re stuck outside eating. Outdoor eating isn’t bad unless it’s the middle of Summer in Texas, so you may consider getting this one to go. Otherwise go in September.
  3. Lunch rush would suck: We went at about 1:30 and still waited in line for about 10 minutes and then about another 10 to get our food. If we had gone from 11-12P, then it would have been at least an hour or more, from what I gather from a few other people who have been before.

Get past these little nuances and you can welcome yourself to a very tasty burger. The “Stock Cheese” burger is the one that put them on the map according to most sources, but I tried the Green Chile/Bacon burger with Muenster. It’s a slight variation on what I normally get which is usually a regular bacon cheese, but the thought of fresh Hatch green chiles got me all excited.










Get your napkins out and be prepared to not put this one down, as this may very well be the “wettest” burger I’ve ever had.  Since they’re in Dallas and not Arlington, you don’t have to ask for the burger for anything less that medium well. It comes as a very juicy and pink medium rare to medium, and it’s 8 miles of awesome.  Be careful though, because if you let it sit too long you may be eating this one with a fork. I felt like I scarfed the burger down just to maintain it as a burger, but ultimately I didn’t mind.

It’s also very large for it’s quoted ¼ size. Make no mistake, it’s plenty if you’re hungry, so think twice before going for a double here.  The bacon was cut into huge pieces and it was cooked like real breakfast bacon Mom would make on Sunday mornings. The green chile was chopped, grilled and had fantastic flavor. The muenster cheese on the burger was a nice touch and gave a very distinct flavor.  I highly recommend this, even if you don’t get the green chile on your burger.

On a side note (no pun intended) the hand cut fries were crispy, tasty, covered in sea salt, parsley and were a great addition to the meal.

So… How does it rate? Top 10 burger in Dallas/Fort Worth? Yeah, I think so, but the parking, amount of seating and fact that I need to stay away between 11-12P may keep me from going more often. My wife said something perfect to sum up this burger hunt, she said, “If we were getting back from lake and getting it to go on the ride home, this would be very satisfying, but if I had to pick it for an everyday lunch spot, I’d probably pass, because it’s just too much work for a burger.”

If you know this going in and you’re prepared, it’s what makes this place unique.  If your hungry and want something quick and easy on the run, you may want to try something else. Overall, I enjoyed the food and give the OSK 4 out of 5 patties (with a twist) and we’ll definitely be back… although probably in September.

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Burger Hunt – The Grease Monkey: Arlington, TX


I’ve held off for a bit on this review, because the first time I went there it wasn’t the best of food. After seeing a post at another local Arlington burger joint I soon realized my displeasure with The Grease Monkey may not have been their fault, but mine. Arlington city health code requires all restaurants to serve meat at medium well, and as most of you know this can kill a burger. After finding this out I decided to go back and give the Monkey another try.

I got a 1/2 pound pepper jack, fried jalapeño & bacon burger. I asked for it medium and it made all the difference in the world from the first burger I had there. The bun is slightly sweet and toasted on the flat top. All condiments and veg are at a self serve bar.

Atmosphere is like a car garage… Cool.

Fries are meh…

Good value during lunch with specials going for $4.

Overall, I’ll go again and try some of the other signature burgers, but if your in the Arlington area, it’s worth a stop. They also have musician showcases Thursday through Saturday, so it makes a great hangout for live music and drinks as an alternative to the same ole song and dance at other local bars.

3 3/4 patties out of 5 for this burger hunt.




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